The Children's Center
Education (Western Tidewater)

The Children’s Center originated in 1983, providing speech, physical, and occupational therapy to developmentally delayed children under the age of three. At that time, the Commonwealth of Virginia awarded the Children’s Center state funds and grants to help provide these well needed services in Western Tidewater. This support continues today enabling the Children’s Center to offer these services through its early intervention program.

Through the years, the Children’s Center has expanded to offer three additional programs: pediatric therapy for children birth through the age of twenty-one; community child care for infants and children through twelve years of age; and early head start for low-income pregnant women and families with children under the age of three. These four programs receive funding support in various ways from local, state and federal governments, United Way, medical insurances, charitable contributions, bequeaths, and individual fees for services.

In 1983, the Children’s Center operated on a $120,000 budget, supporting twelve employees who served sixty-three children.

Today, the Children’s Center maintains a $3.8 million dollar budget, employing over one-hundred professionals who serve over eight hundred children annually
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