Surry County, Virginia
Government (Surry County, VA)

Surry County, Virginia one of the oldest regions settled in the New World lies only a brief ferry ride from Jamestown. Surry's attractions not only span three centuries of history, but also includes 20th century Surry Nuclear Power Station and Information Center as well as the environmental Hog Island wildlife management area. In addition to the public attractions, 16 privately occupied structures in Surry are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Today's Surry County provides a montage of rolling farmlands, blossoming woods, water-front panoramas and quaint lifestyles. For history lovers, Surry is a wealth of stately old homes and plantations. For adventurers, there are footpaths through the woods, boating, off- road trails, hunting and fishing. For active recreation there are scenic picnic areas, a swimming pool and a beach at Chippokes State Park. The Surry County Department of Parks and Recreation offers a wide variety of activities including youth sports and an active seniors program. For food lovers, Surry serves up the quintessence of Southern cuisine, world famous smoke cured hams and home-grown peanuts. From the delightful ferry ride across the James River to the warmth and hospitality of the folks in Surry County, you are in for a unique and very memorable experience.
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